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__ LATITUDE 10 __


The Latitude 10 Beach Resort consists of five spacious, freestanding houses. Situated on seven acres of private beachfront property, these rental houses are a traveler’s dream come true. Tucked amongst tropical vegetation, each house is constructed from almond wood and decorated with native artwork.


Designed by local architects, the houses incorporate the luxuries of the indoors with the beauty of the outdoors – bedroom walls fold away to reveal beach and forest views, open-air bathrooms allow for pleasant outdoor bathing, and porches equipped with hammocks and chairs provide a serene place to relax. Small, personal touches add individuality and warmth to the atmosphere—one house, for example, is adorned with half-cut coconuts that are filled with sand and tea lights. Houses are cleaned twice daily and come equipped with ceiling fans, safe deposit box, and a mini bar.

Staying at Latitude 10 is like staying with good friends at their luxury beach house. You will experience personalized service and attention to detail in a relaxed, yet classy atmosphere. 

The Master Suites integrate their sleeping quarters with a lounge area, table setting for four, a porch and an unforgettable open-sky bathroom. Both Master Suites are equipped with a king size bed, a day bed (twin size), minibar and ceiling fans. An eclectic, early 20th century tropical-colonial atmosphere prevails.


The Junior Suites, each with a unique décor that gives it a special personality. Whether tropical, arabesque, classical or eclectic, each suite offers genuine comfort in the remoteness of this paradise. Both of our Junior Suites are equipped with queen-sized beds. One of the three Junior Suites we call Premium Junior Suite, which is the only Junior with a King Bed and a Day-Bed.

Latitude 10 casitas are wooden structures have shades but no windows and there are no locks on the doors and no a/c. The bathrooms are completely open-air with large hot water showers and gardens. It is more than a lovely room, it is a structure enabling you to sleep and reside completely in harmony with nature. Master Suites are beachfront; Junior Suites are completely tucked amongst the native vegetation. 


Food and Drink

The dinning, bar and lounge area are located in the central clubhouse overlooking the pool, surrounded by a diverse array of tropical native vegetation and with a stunning ocean view. 


The complementary breakfast selection includes fresh fruit, local favorites like Gallo Pinto and eggs as well as our popular breakfast burrito, a variety of Omelets with fresh ingredients and French Toast.  Served with freshly brewed organic Costa Rican coffee or fresh tropical fruit juices of your choice.  


Lunch at the Clubhouse consists of freshly tossed salads, sandwiches and quesadillas. We are happy to serve you lunch at the pool or the privacy of your bungalow.  


Dinner is the highlight of the Latitude 10 Culinary Experience. It should be pre-ordered by noon to ensure the freshest of ingredients and “a la minute” presentation of two different selections of dishes each night. Our open kitchen allows you to watch as the chef, or his assistant, combines the fresh natural ingredients and exotic condiments, resulting in an edible work of art! Choose a secluded, romantic spot, or join us at the distinctive bar, and enjoy a dinner experience you most likely won’t have at any traditional resort.  


Latitude 10 is a model for sustainable development and tourism, using Costa Rica’s prestigious Certificate for Sustainable Tourism (CST) as a guide. This eco friendly resort has chosen to demonstrate that sustainability and comfort can truly go hand-in-hand.