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The Hotel shows a very authentic architectonic style, which harmonizes with an exclusive decoration representing the fusion of diverse ethnic elements from around the world, creating a high end and comfortable atmosphere for enjoying the tropics. All spaces of the hotel will surprise the guests with carefully chosen art masterpieces, belonging to a private collection.

Forged by the creative energies of nature, Playa Guiones holds L´acqua Viva Resort & Spa in a nature lover’s community to offer a delightful environment to satisfy our guests.

 Playa Guiones belongs to the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge in the Guanacaste Province. It is one of the few privileged areas in Costa Rica where the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles, Leatherback and Pacific Green turtles lay their eggs.

Built in the surroundings of this protected forest, L´acqua Viva releases your mind while walking to your bungalow, smelling exotic plants and flowers, observing beautiful birds all combined with the charming sound of water flowing through your mind.



Facilities & Amenities

Spa, Surfing, Yoga…

Live water will continue pampering the guests in this oasis, haven of peace. Get balanced at our holistic spa and beauty parlour. Flowing water and Nature will inspire you, while practicing meditation and yoga at a riverside. Dare to a full immersion in this live element at “Ocean Secrets”, the scuba diving station, or practicing snorkeling, surf, and many other water sports.

The L’Aqua viva provides as well a stunning bar and restaurant,  where its guests can enjoy the extraordinary hotel design, exotic cocktails and delicious dishes.




A total of 36 units among individual bungalows and buildings, seem to be floating on the extense surrounding water mirrors, ponds and pools.