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Welcome to La Mansion Inn, one of the most truly unforgettable destinations in Central America and the only hotel in Costa Rica with its own BatCave.

During your unforgettable stay, you may see an incredible variety of animals: monkeys, sloths, anteaters, large iguanas and “pizotes” and more than 200 species of birds.

At night, the stillness around La Mansion is interrupted only by the sounds of the jungle and the gentle breakers of the Pacific.




Located in Manuel Antonio, near Costa Rica’s famous National Park, La Mansion is nestled in one of the last remaining “natural zoos” of the world.

The small, romantic Inn sits only a few steps away from a beautiful and secluded beach.   La Mansion Inn offers a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean, the Manuel Antonio National Park and a dense jungle.

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Facilities & Amenities

Combining this exotic setting with the finest foods, services and amenities available,  offering the guests the best of both worlds for your enjoyment.


Built as a luxurious private residence, La Mansion Inn is an all-suite hotel that satisfies the most different tastes of the guests. The Inn offers spacious, yet intimate areas for dining and relaxing, which include a patio with barbecue and an infinity swimming pool with Jacuzzi.


You will be enveloped in luxury while enjoying the natural beauty of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast.

The suite rates include a complimentary fruit basket and a bottle of wine upon arrival.